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Welcome to the KP International Club
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Welcome Letter

Global Citizen Pledge
International Club
 The King Philip International Club began in 2012.
New members are always welcome!
The club practices Citizen Diplomacy through LEAP:
Learn about world affairs
Explore foreign cultures
Accept & Assist different peoples
Promote international exchange and education

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Graduate with Distinction!
2014-15 Memory Project Kicks Off - India

For the third year, talented KP artists will once again create portraits of children living in orphanages. Often these children have never seen a picture of themselves. Email if you would like to participate. Student and adult artists are welcomed.
You will be assigned one the children on this page. Finished work due January 15, 2015.

Facts about India …

  • ~ 1 out of every 6 people on Earth lives in India, which is home to the world's oldest and largest “continuous civilization. India is also the worlds largest democracy and largest Englishspeaking nation.
  • It has the worlds largest movie industry, and even the worlds largest postal system.
  • India is the birthplace of chess, yoga, martial arts, the decimal system, and the number zero. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism all originated in India.
  • The earliest cotton in the world was spun and woven in India.
  • There are six seasons in India: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, prewinter, and winter.
  • The area of Cherrapunji, where it once rained continuously every day for two years. Cherrapunji usually receives 450 inches of rain each year, but in one year received 1,042 inches, which is a world record (many US cities receive about 3050 inches per year)
This program is supported in part by generous grants from the Norfolk, Plainville, & Wrentham Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. Thank you!
  • The ancient Indian language Sanskrit is often considered to be the mother of all European languages. Today, Hindi and English are Indias two official languages, though over a hundred different languages are spoken throughout the country (with over a thousand different dialects of those languages).
  • India was one of the richest countries in the world for many centuries, which is what inspired Columbus to try to sail there west from Europe, only to unknowingly land in the Americas instead.
About the youth who will receive the portraits …
  • The vast majority of children and teenagers in India live in stable, loving homes with their parents. However, as in all countries, families can become fragmented for many different reasons.
  • For one, although Indias economy is growing, extreme poverty is still pervasive, and that leads many children to find themselves without stable families. For example, such significant poverty has caused a widespread problem of bonded labor, sometimes called modern slavery, in which children are essentially “owned” and forced to work as a way of repaying the debt of one family to another.
  • This poverty has also had a tragic impact on the lives of young girls, who are at times abandoned by parents who think of them as a future financial burden (as opposed to boys, who they believe will help to earn income). Of all the babies abandoned in India each year, approximately 90% are girls. Some children and teenagers who become abandoned, abused, neglected, or orphaned are therefore put into the care of charitable organizations that operate special residences for them. Such residences have historically been known as “orphanages” in English a word that can bring to mind visions of large, heartless institutions that might seem to be sad places to live.
  • Please know that the homes with which The Memory Project has partnered in India are far different. They are quality places where children can grow and thrive thanks to their dedicated caretakers and special people like you who make meaningful contributions to their lives.
Welcome to the KP International Club
Kiva Gifts for Grads!
Give you graduate the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Your grad will leave a legacy of helping others around the world!

There are two ways to give the gift to your graduate:
1) Email the info the KP International Club: and we will take care of it ASAP. We'll front you the money. Just tell us who you are and who the grad is, email or postal address.
We'll take care of the rest.

2) You do it at
New York City Trip
Thanks to the Plainville Cultural Council for the generous grant, the KP International Club enjoyed a busy day in New York City where we saw the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, toured the United Nations and made a quick stop in Times Square. Before heading back to Boston, we enjoyed pizza a the world famous Juliana's in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
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Host a French Student, July 8-28, 2014
Graduate with Distinction: Global Citizen Diplomat Credentialing Program
Applications Due:
December 1, 2015 (Sophomores and Juniors in the International Club)
May 1, 2015 (Freshman)

Application Packet
Memory Project Portraits Delivered to Cambodia
In fall 2013, the International Club and the KP Art Honor Society partnered together with the Memory Project to create portraits of children living in orphanages in Cambodia. The portraits were delivered to the children in February.

See portaits here: Cambodia 2014 Portraits

Click the image watch the video of the delivery.

Learn more about the Memory Project at

ELuminate Digital Books for Schools in Africa
King Philip students authored forty five digital books through the E-Luminate project. Thank you to all the authors.

See all digital books here:

This project was funded by a grant from the Plainville Cultural Council . Thank you!
International Club Receives 2014 Grants
The KP International Club received 2014 grants from the Norfolk, Plainville, and Wrentham Cultural Councils to support our second year of the Memory Project; $200 each. Additionally, we received a $150 grant from the Plainville Cultural Council to support our micro-financing loan program through Thank you!!!
International Education Week, November 18-22, 2013

Flag Challenge Study Guide
: Test is Friday November 22 during homeroom.

Heritage Study Survey: Please complete by end November 22.

E-Luminate: Please pledge to make a digital book for Africa
Instructions and book ideas:

Books are due on December 2. Email to Teachers, we will make arrangements for classroom collection. Thank you.

KPRHS Heritage Study
The King Philip International Club is conducting a voluntary heritage study of our school community.

Please complete this survey by November 14.

You will not be able to save your work, so please start the actual survey after you have collected the information.  If you don't know a specific location, you may leave the field blank. 

Please participate even if you know only a few of the generations.

In addition to helping our project, we hope this might make for good conversation at this year's Thanksgiving table.

The results will be displayed on a map during International Education Week November 18-22 and on our club web page: 

Thank you for your time.

Calling all authors: Digital Books for school libraries in Africa
Through the E-Luminate project, the KP International Club is encouraging all members of the KP School Community (students, teachers, staff, and parents) to be an author of a digital book to be used in a school library in Uganda, Ghana and Sierra Leone. The books can be in any digital format, on any topic, and any grade level. Books must be completed before December 2. Spend your Thanksgiving break on this worthwhile project! For more info and/or to register: Click here for instructions See sample books
This program is funded through a generous grant from Plainville Cultural Council
Northampton International Film Festival
The International Club attended the Northampton International Film Festival on October 13. This program was funded by a generous grant from the Wrentham Cultural Council.
Ghana Memory Project
In 2013, the International Club and the KP Art Honor Society partnered together with the Memory Project to create portraits of orphans in Ghana. In June, the portraits were delivered to the students. Click the image watch the video of the delivery.

Learn more about the Memory Project at

Flag Ceremony, May 30, 2013
The International Club presented the flags of the countries in which the current student body was born.  22 students were born in 17 countries other than the United States.

KP International Club Receives Grant from Wrentham Cultural Council
The KP International Club thanks the Wrentham Cultural Council for a generous grant to help fund our attendance at the Boston International Film Festival and at the Boston French Cultural Center's Bastille Day Festivities!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
KP International Club Receives Grant from Plainville Cultural Council

The KP International Club has received a generous grant from the Plainville Cultural Council to fund KP's participation in the E-Luminate project and to help fund our trip to NYC to visit the United Nations and Ellis Island.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
KP International Club Receives Grant from Norfolk Community League

Thank you to the Norfolk Community League for a generous grant to help the club get up and running. The funds will be used to fund The Memory Project, mail pen pal letters to a school in Tanzania, Africa and other operational costs.
 Eluminate instructions.docx
Digital Books for Africa Instructions
 King Philip Heritage Study Guide.docx
Map, Flags and Countries of the 2013 Student Body
2013 International Education Week, November 18-22, 2013 (gillelandl20146733984)
Boston French Cultural Center (
E-Luminate (youngc2017)
Film and Food Night (mcsweeneyk20146734334)
Fortunes (Wrapped by a Cookie) Fundraiser
International Night
New York City (wardj20146734788)
Pen Pal Letters
The Memory Project (gillelandl20146733984)
Discussion Topics
+ Bonin, Maddie, Vice President
+ Gilleland, Eva, President
+ Greene, Megan, Secretary
+ Kelley, Lynne, Treasurer
+ Snead, Barbara, Adviser
Click on name to see details.

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